Test Bed


By participating in the Symposium I agree

Without disclosing its source, NYCDOT may use information or knowledge obtained from demonstrations associated with this Symposium for any purpose it deems appropriate, including for the purpose of writing specifications to be used in any Request for Bids (“RFBs”), Requests for Proposals (“RFPs”) or any Requests for Expression of Interest (“RFEIs”) which may be issued at any time during or subsequent to this Agreement.

Any information generated by the Symposium, including, but not limited to, electronic copies of all data collected or produced, such as videos, photographs or numerical data, without cost in perpetuity and may be used by NYCDOT at its sole discretion.

I acknowledge that if NYCDOT seeks to procure a contract for services as a result of this Symposium, or any similar type system, in any location in New York City, I will not receive any favored consideration as a result of my participation in this Symposium.

I agree to obtain prior written approval of NYCDOT before I or any of my employees or agents make a statement to the press or release any marketing material to the public referring to this Symposium or any work performed hereunder.