• Smart Traffic
    Data Analytics Test Bed

    @ New York University

    This web page is designed to make available a wide array of data available for analysis,

    including video of low-performing streets during peak hours, taxi travel time data, and bus time data.

    This Test Bed is intended for use by participants in the “Smart Traffic Analytics Partnership” workshop,

    which is being jointly organized by New York University, the University Transportation Research Center

    at CUNY, and the New York City Department of Transportation under the sponsorship of Town + Gown.

    This data is illustrative of the sources that could be drawn upon to support big data or image analytics

    approaches for comprehensive smart traffic systems.

    The main goal of this workshop is to identify technologies and approaches that can boost existing efforts

    to keep New Yorkers moving safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

    Download the Data
  • Smart Traffic
    Data Analytics Test Bed

    @New York University

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